Chord your own



Music Starter only got to a prototype in the making because of Arduino, absurdly vast documentation and an incredible bunch of passionate helpful makers.

We want to bring a kickass product to market, but if you'd rather hack your own, we're also here to help you do it.




The Schematic

The chords keyboard in the basic Music Starter instrument uses a 72 key keypad arranged in a 12 column by 6 row switch matrix.

Each column corresponds to the C to B notes, and each row corresponds to a chord.

All switches have diodes to ensure simultaneous key presses are read correctly.

Mind the diode orientation! In this schematic they're oriented as shown because the Keypad Library the code is based on uses columns as inputs.


The Code

Below is the code that breathes chord life into Arduino using the Keypad Library. Fork it in GitHub!

To use the code as is for a keypad with the same number of keys and physical layout, you need an Arduino Mega because of the number of digital I/O and serial ports being used.

Questions? Drop a line over in the Contacts.