Music Starter

Chords made easy


hard made easy


Fancy playing music? Chords are the hardest bit. It takes years of muscle memory training to effortlessly hop around a piano keyboard or a guitar arm putting four fingers in just the right spot and at the right time.

Music Starter is a musical instrument where this hardest bit of playing music becomes the easiest, thanks to a dedicated chords keyboard.

Google the chords of a song, any song. See those letters and abbreviations above the lyrics? Those are the song's chords. Now punch those bad boys in Music Starter's corresponding keys and BOOM you're playing like you've had years of instrument training.

Yes, you know music-fu



Who's behind it?


Based out of Portugal, we're 3 blokes working on new ways to play with music and sound.



Filipe Saraiva

Struck by the idea he couldn't help but work on it. Product Manager at Seegno by day, he spends some of his free time unleashing Music Starter on the world.

Hugo Freitas

Partner at, he's a piano tuner, restorer, hacker and builder, to whom musical instrument crafting is a daily affair.

Pedro Coelho

CEO at, he's not only a piano wizard like Hugo, but also the head of logistics, suppliers and partnerships in the musical world.